Shadows of the Alliance

CORTEX Bulletin


Looking to sail the black?

Interested in finding freedom out among the stars?

Medium transport ship is now seeking crew members in the following areas:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Diplomacy
  • Medicine
  • Security

Other positions and skills will be considered.

To apply, appear in person at Whitefall docks.

Sage's Journal

Gray and I said our goodbyes to the crew and waved as they took off. Now we’re stuck on Whitefall ‘till we find a boat of our own. And a crew. And work. Way my luck holds, I’ll end up with one and not th’others.

Looking ‘round out here’s a bit of a mixed bag, but it beats buying on the Core planets. ‘sides, I’ve still got some issues that make the prospect of dealing with an official shipyard a losing one. And the less involvement with the Alliance we have, the better, far as I’m concerned.


Found a ship that just might do. Fella named Lucky looking to sell us something good. Finally think we settled on an old Firefly class. Gray can fly it well as he breathes, and it should suit cargo and even some passengers, if we need to look all respectable like. And got a job to go along with it, sort of finance the whole deal. Course, like I suspected, ain’t managed to find me a crew yet. I can tell a catalyzer from a grav boot, but I’ll have a hell of a time keeping this workhorse in the sky without a good mechanic. Plus, I’m gonna need some solid backup. I’m good with a shooting iron, but I sure as hell can’t back myself up when I’m making a deal. Hell, I could use a smooth talker, while I’m at it. And if my luck keeps going the way it is, I’ll need a doctor before my next job. Maybe taking on passengers on our way out ain’t such a bad idea. Do some work, get paid nice and simple like, and maybe look up a few of my old contacts for jobs.

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